Take the detour sis!

When talking to people I often use imagery. I am a visual person and for me to get it I need to see the vision. Well I do the same when I’m talking to people when trying to teach a concept. This week the theme has been on detours.

What is the purpose of a detour sign?

A detour sign is provided during construction to offer traffic an alternative way to get back to the main highway or road. It is a way to get around the block in the road as to not disrupt where you are going.

Now let’s tie this all in.

When we have a goal, intention, or path we are trying to take we will run into those construction zones. I see those zones as any type of disruption that may happen for a number of reasons. Now with this bump in the road you have a few choices.

Choice One

You can sit there and wait until the construction is done and they open the road. This is representative of sitting there and becoming stagnant. Albeit it may seem like you are trying to figure things out you are still not making any movement. We don’t know how long the construction can go on. You may be sitting there for years the way they construct highways nowadays.

Choice Two

The next choice is you can turn around and go home. This is representative of giving up and going home. We don’t want to wait it out nor do we want to see our options. The construction is either a nuance and we are disturbed and react by going home. Or you may think the universe gave you a sign…. that’s topic for another post.

Choice Three

This final choice is taking the detour. The signs are put up and they are providing the route to get around the bump in the road, the construction. It may take you longer to get to where you need or want to be. Heck you may even get lost before finding your way. All in all taking the detour provides you a moment to take the pause, assess what it is you are needing, acknowledge any feelings and thoughts about the bump in your plans, check out the scenery (mindfulness), and then get back on track or back to moving towards your destination.

So take the detour. The detour provides movement. The detour provides solutions. The detour provides you opportunity to practice mindfulness while acknowledging all the feelings and thoughts but without reaction.

Perhaps the detour is new and taking a pause is unfamiliar or even uncomfortable. Perhaps the part of the detour when we recognize our feelings are new because we’re used to pushing them away.

What do you need to take the detour?

Send us your feedback.

Love and light…

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Published by Tahiyya Martin

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

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