Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Remember the line “mirror mirror on the wall…”.

If you were a fan of Snow White then you will remember the witch asking the mirror to tell her she is the greatest. Thinking now it is not a bad concept when you think about self talk. However today I was thinking who was it that she saw in the mirror that caused her to asked the mirror who was the greatest with hopes it was her.

Every day I stand in the mirror whether it is to get dressed or do my hair but I used to not look at me. Some may ask how is that possible to stand in the mirror and not look at your self?!

No you don’t have to actually see yourself when you’re standing in the mirror. You can still look at yourself but not see yourself.

We are afraid of our reflections when we don’t think our reflections are good enough, pretty enough, fierce enough, skinny enough, thick enough, or just enough in general. We can still stand in the mirror and do our morning routine of makeup, hair, teeth, facial cleanse, etc. however we are so busy in the routine that we use it as a distraction from seeing ourself.

Our reflections have their own story. My reflection has a story of pain and triump, low points and high points, good and ugly, cries and smiles. My reflection keeps the secrets of my pain and traumas. My reflection also tells me “girl, you got this” when I need it.

So what can we do to look at our reflections more?

We can pause. Yes, pause. Slow down the morning routines and really just stare at the person standing before you in the mirror. Listen to her story. Listen to her needs. Listen to her. She holds the key to a life of joy and peace if we just take the pause to listen. We may not like what she has to say. What she has to say may make us cry for days but that’s what we need. We need to hear her so that we then can be heard.

Are you ready to stand in the mirror and say…

Mirror mirror on the wall

Tell me your secrets, tell me all

I want to know so I can heal

I want to know so that I may feel

Mirror mirror on the wall

I’m here and ready for us all…


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Published by Tahiyya Martin

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

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