Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Remember the line “mirror mirror on the wall…”. If you were a fan of Snow White then you will remember the witch asking the mirror to tell her she is the greatest. Thinking now it is not a bad concept when you think about self talk. However today I was thinking who was it thatContinue reading “Mirror Mirror on the wall…”

Take the detour sis!

When talking to people I often use imagery. I am a visual person and for me to get it I need to see the vision. Well I do the same when I’m talking to people when trying to teach a concept. This week the theme has been on detours. What is the purpose of aContinue reading “Take the detour sis!”

I hear you

The other morning I laid in my husband’s arms and sobbed. The moment he put his arms around me the tears began to flow. I had no idea that I even had tears. It was the moment that his arms touched me that I felt safe and supported to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is tough. NoContinue reading “I hear you”