We are honored to be here to help you through your challenging times so that you can have a life of positive connection and healthier ways of relating.

But first let’s answer a few questions you may have…

What is therapy (or counseling)?

Therapy and counseling are both terms that are used to identify a form of treatment used to help alleviate symptoms of emotional and mental distress as well as resolve behaviors, feelings, beliefs, relational patterns and body responses that one has identified as problematic. Therapists use different modalities to treat their clients based on the need and symptoms of the client. She Heals Journey had a specializes in working with women.

Teletherapy is therapy offered virtually using audio video conference software that is HIPPA compliant. Learn more

Why should I go to therapy?

Therapy allows you to work through your challenges in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. Therapy addresses challenges that include but not limited to:

  • stress
  • relationships (family/friends/intimate)
  • mental health issues
  • chronic illness
  • chronic pain
  • life adjustments
  • grief
  • career
  • self discover/awareness
  • Other distressors

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How long are the sessions?

The structure of the session depends on the therapist.

Sessions last for 60 minutes for individuals and 90 minutes for couples.

Some therapists offer intensives which varies in length of time. Please ask your therapist for details if this is something of interest.

The length of treatment varies and depends on the individual’s progress rate. We do not rush the process, we trust the process.

Couples are short term sessions ranging from 6-10 sessions.

Do you accept insurance?

Check out the fees page

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