I’m an impostor…

or at least I thought I was Have you ever woke up and thought…who the fuck am I????? Well I have on many occasions. I’m not asking myself that questions because I wake up with amnesia or that I’m a chameleon trying to blend in. I wake up asking myself that question because there areContinue reading “I’m an impostor…”

Honoring your voice

Family rules whether spoke or unspoken can create dysfunction in childhood that leads to our adulthood. One family rule that I am familiar with both personally and professionally is that children should be seen and not heard. In other words what children have to say don’t matter because they are not adults. This family ruleContinue reading “Honoring your voice”

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Remember the line “mirror mirror on the wall…”. If you were a fan of Snow White then you will remember the witch asking the mirror to tell her she is the greatest. Thinking now it is not a bad concept when you think about self talk. However today I was thinking who was it thatContinue reading “Mirror Mirror on the wall…”

No, no, no, no, no…

Have you ever had that guilt after saying no to someone? Well join the club. Many people have challenges with saying no. I remember when I worked with a client and telling her that she does have power and control over her no. The client was shocked however she went home and tried. The nextContinue reading “No, no, no, no, no…”

Take the detour sis!

When talking to people I often use imagery. I am a visual person and for me to get it I need to see the vision. Well I do the same when I’m talking to people when trying to teach a concept. This week the theme has been on detours. What is the purpose of aContinue reading “Take the detour sis!”

I hear you

The other morning I laid in my husband’s arms and sobbed. The moment he put his arms around me the tears began to flow. I had no idea that I even had tears. It was the moment that his arms touched me that I felt safe and supported to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is tough. NoContinue reading “I hear you”