Let’s connect

This morning was a better morning. I had an amazing weekend facilitating healing through the use of energy healing and coaching.

Girllllll did that drain me!!!!

I am lucky tho to have a husband that also does energy healing and was able to recharge my chi (life force energy) until I get to my own session.

The weekend provided me so many lessons and the main lesson (well there were many main lessons…but the main lesson was connection.

Connection is so important. Connection is from the heart chakra or that place in the middle of your chest. Connection allows us to feel vulnerable with ourselves and others. Connection helps to build a support circle of people who will support you in life, love, health, and everything else. Connection is how we are able to sustain life because with out connection we wither away mentally, physically, emotionally, behaviorally, and spiritually, This is what Covid has shown us in the last year.


But not just connection with others. We must also have connection with ourselves. Self connection can be obtained through yoga, meditation, mindfulness activities such as walking, journaling, sitting outside in the sun doing some reflection and more.

When was the last time you connected with you?

Well whether it was yesterday, today, or a year ago let’s start today. Grab your pen and journal and answer the question…

When do you feel the most connects or loved by self? By others?

Don’t overthink it. Just let the thoughts flow. Once your’e done look at what you’ve written and see what changes you need to make to increase those connections.

As always this is invitational but my hope is that you give it a try and see what comes up.

As always love and light!!!


Published by Tahiyya Martin

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

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