She Heals®️ Virtual Check In

She Heals®️ Virtual Check In is our weekly call that provides women of color a space to:

  • To do check in each week for self reflections and accountability
  • Have access to a resource for women of color in the recovery and wellness community
  • Be in a safe space for women of color to find and use their voice in the recovery community
  • Be in a safe space to perform self checks to receive what is needed to maintain recovery goals
  • Advocate to improve self care
  • Receive community, connection, support and space to talk about whatever is on their mind

Participants are invited to share and is given a brief time to share whatever one feels they would like to share around their recovery and wellness. Someone will keep time to ensure that everyone is allowed opportunity to share if they would like. Sharing is invitational. Sometimes one just need to be in a healing space without sharing.

The calls are on a line that is secured and one will need to have the link in order to enter the call.

Dates: Every Thursday April 7, 2022

Time:   8am to 9:00am EST

Fee:     Free


Disclaimer: The She Heals®️ is not therapy and should not be mistaken as group therapy. We do not run the groups or events as therapists but as a guides, coaches, and peers. If you do find that you need therapy in addition to the group, there are resources are available. Click here.

Please Register using form below. Once you complete the form you will have access to the call.



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