She Heals®️ Healing Circle

What is recovery? We often hear the word recovery associated with addiction. However for She Heals®️ we stand by the working definition of recovery that includes both substance use and mental health.

“A process of change through which individuals
improve their health and wellness, live a self directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.”

SAMHSA, 2012

She Heals®️ Healing Circle is a healing in community circle for women of color that are searching for a safe community to work on their recovery.

She Heals®️ Healing Circle meets once a month to hold space and discuss different topics that are related to recovery. This is an open forum that uses a coaching model to assist and support women of color maintain accountability in maintaining their recovery goals. (She Heals®️ Check In is weekly).

The intention of the healing circle is to:

  • Be a resource for women of color in the recovery and wellness community
  • Provide a safe space for women of color to find and use their voice in the recovery community
  • Provide Recovery Coaching that focuses on teaching healing activities to promote a healthy sense of self and belonging as well as increased self worth
  • Provide support and accountability partnership
  • Provide space to honor self with healthy boundaries
  • Advocate to improve self care
  • Use the medicine of laughter, tears, and smiles for healing

Dates: Returning February 2022

Time: 6pm to 7:30pm

Donation: $33

Location: Virtual Using Zoom

Disclaimer: The She Heals®️ Healing Circle is not therapy and should not be mistaken as group therapy. We do not run the healing circle as therapists but as a guides. If you do find that you need therapy in addition to the healing circle, there are resources are available. Click here.

Limited Seating! To keep the space sacred and safe the seating is limited to TBD

Click here to register.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds. Credit will be applied to another healing circle or event.


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